We design and build equipment for the wine making industry

Sole agent


Clevertek s.r.l. is a young company prevailingly active in the field of selective filtering. We work primarily in the wine making sector, offering an assortment of services that range from product treatment via the rental of our filtering systems to the building of machinery dedicated to specific treatments, to overhauling of old equipment and to consulting and sales of filtering media, membranes and resins.

The work done for twelve years on behalf of third parties in numerous Italian wineries and for all types of wines has led us to deal with a very wide range of problems, which have required different and targeted approaches. Thus we have gained very in-depth experience in the subject and today we can guarantee our clients an extremely professional and performing service that is at the same time cost-effective .


By building the machines directly in our plant, we have gained great experience in the repair and maintenance of any membrane or resin systems used in the wine industry. We can supply membrane cartridges for ultra-filtration, nano-filtration, reverse osmosis as well as any type of resin.


Sales Since 2012 we have been working with Project Ecosolutions. This, added to the experience gained in supplying services, has allowed us to acquire important know-how that we have carried over into the equipment we sell today. Our strength lies in being able to have any of our processes tested, so we can guarantee the quality of the product we offer.

In addition, we study, design and manufacture special machines for any specific needs.